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Darbish : The Saint

Darbish : The Saint


Published: 2017

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll…

The three taboo words, which the downhearted American youth of sixties, seventies and eighties picked out as their shelter. In the time when America was restless with the Vietnam war and the Cold war, a young man went to San Fransisco in order to study medical scince. That San Fransisco, which was called the capital of ‘Counter-Culture’ or Hippie movement. He saw the deep chasm and bloody wounds that were created by capitalism while participating in the peace movement against the war in Vietnam with his friends. A dark politics, born out of the competition between two super powers with two different ideologies made a world citizen out of that young man.

When six million hippies, with their long, tangled hair were roaming the streets of America, when in home and abroad everywhere was blazing the fires of war, he found the love of his life in Melini, an American woman with deep sense of politics and patriotism. FBI accused her of spying for Russia, and they started to run. While entering Mexico by crossing the border illegally, the young man’s life was devasted by a catastrophic event…

He returned to Dhaka at the age of 70, to the romantic city which he left a long time ago, which he lovingly called the ‘City of Music’. Here he met a girl, whose personality was built by the songs of Elvis Presley, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jinn Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Led Jeppelin, Pink Floyd, U-2 and Nirvana. She fell in love with that 30 years old hippie that the man once was, and then began the complications… Every place, time and history in this book is true, only the characters are fictitious.

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